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Misty Look 3.7.2

  1. So why was I able to use an older Misty Look theme and now that Sadish has version 3.7.2 available, I can't use that? Or can I?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why am I able to use Misty Look theme that I am using . . . I'm not mad, but I am very curious. If one version was allowed to be used why not the updates?

  3. does not upgrade themes normally.

  4. Interesting; so the version I have was offered, but the improved version is not allowed?

    Is that correct?

    Maybe they just like to rotate themes through, keep things fresh, or mabne they're mad at Sadish, or vica-versa.

    Or; just maybe, I'll go crazy thinking about it :-)

  5. Uh, no. The changes to the theme are available to bloggers, not bloggers.

  6. Thanks for responding, and taking the time to go back and forth, but the blog(my blog) I'm talking about is a .com and not a .org blog . . . just seesms very strange to be able to apply one version and not the updated version.

  7. blogs can't add external themes. They can only choose the themes available on the Appearance pages. doesn't update themes once they're added, typically.

  8. Okay I got it, just curious why they roll some blogs off the available list, especially one that was as popular as Misty Look . . . I wonder what the criteria for that is, maybe a mod will tell me someday.

    btw, i read your Blog, some funny stuff, I enjoy it very much.

  9. Thanks. I don't know what you mean by "they roll some blogs off the available list." The old version is still available, and very popular.

  10. It is? I hadn't looked, I know it's popular also-it's used quite a bit.

    I'm interested in the improved look for comments. That was my reason to find out about 3.7.2 which allows for that option.

    I might change anyway, sorta like some Spring cleaning after two years . . .

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