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    To start off my second year as a blogger (misspreservation.com), I switched from Digg 3 Column to Misty Look, and I really like the modern look and almost everything else. But I’ve noticed if you are on a particular post (i.e., not the home page), where Digg used to have helpful navigation at the bottom of the page, allowing you to click on either the previous post title or the next post title, Misty Look doesn’t seem to have any way to navigate off that page except to click on a category or calendar in the sidebar. For instance, see the latest post, http://misspreservation.com/2010/02/26/misspres-news-roundup-2-26-2010/.

    Is there a way to work around this and give the readers a chance to navigate without excessive clicking around, or is this just the way it is with Misty Look?

    The blog I need help with is misspreservation.com.


    That’s not unusual: 48 out of the currently 82 themes available don’t have navigation tabs on single posts.

    In all wp.com themes, the blog title or the header image is a link back home.


    Thanks, Panos! (if I may call you Panos?). Guess I got spoiled in that respect with Digg 3. I’ll just live with it because I like everything else.


    And by the way, I’ve learned so much from your blog–thanks for all the work you put into it!


    You’re welcome, and thanks for the compliment!

    (If you change your mind re sticking with MistyLook, I can give you the list of which themes have nav tabs on single posts.)

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