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Misty Look links page malfunction

  1. I've run into a problem with my Links page in Misty Look--the template has taken over and will not display any of my own content. I have removed the default Blogroll links.

    A quick search here revealed other folks have had the same issue. I have followed the suggestions for changing the name of the page as well as the permalink, and my page is set to default template, not links. The problem remains. Is there a way to remedy this that anyone is aware of?

    My blog is currently set to private.

    Thank You!

    The blog I need help with is


    Thank you timethief. You actually posted to the first thread (above) on the same issue.

    The advice to edit the permalink and page title and that appears to have solved the problem for some people, so I gathered there must be a way?

  3. Yes, it does seem that TSP has already provided answers to the same question in November and December of 2009. I have no idea if the advent of the Theme Team and the editing they have done has resulted in your problem or not. What I do know is that during the working hours of the day the 2- 3 Volunteers who help with CSS editing aren't usually logged in here and able to help.

  4. @erinmidwife: Your blog is private. You must either temporarily switch to the middle privacy option so we can see what the problem is, or give us the URL of that page and describe exactly what the content should be and what it is now.

  5. Ok, well something I did worked because my Links page is now intact. For future reference, I just edited the permalink and changed the title of the page. Perhaps it just tool a few refreshes to show up?

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