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Misty look theme custom CSS styles

  1. Hi

    Can you help.

    I want to change the size of the font of the sidebar headings but I can't find the CSS style to change this. I know where to change the CSS style sheets but I seem to be only able to change the colour and not the font size. The theme is Misty Look and the site address is

    Still learning, Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Try this and change the number to suit you.

    The first takes care of the email one:
    li.sidebox label{font-size:24px;}

    This should take care of the others:

    #sidebar li.sidebox h2 {font-size:24px;}

  3. actually the second one now works for me for all of them now.

  4. Perfect.

    Can I ask one more question, if I wanted to change the colour of same headings how do I go about that.

    Thanks so much.

  5. It does for me too. great. Thanks

  6. Oops, about to shut down for a few hours and not on my test computeranymore, but this should do it, using your own color of course. I usually use something that will stand out so we know for sure it is working. :-)

    #sidebar li.sidebox h2 {font-size:24px; color:#00cc00;}

  7. Hi

    Just checked this out and it changes the colour on all barr the twitter and facebook panels.


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