Misty Theme: lost header photo in going to custom CSS

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    I’m trying out custom CSS because I wanted to change my title colors. I found out how to do that, thanks to answers here, but somewhere along the way my header photo disappeared. How do I get it back? If someone can answer this question, I’ll be ready to pay for my upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is ozarkhomesteader.wordpress.com.



    We need a link to your blog to be able to help much more. It would also be useful if you could let us know what theme you have in place and what custom CSS you are already using.

    If you have copied all of the original CSS into the customisation box and previewed the site then you will end up breaking links to images. You should delete everything in the CSS editing area, only add the selectors that you have changed, select the “add to existing stylesheet” option and then click save/preview. You might have to manually refresh the preview page if you haven’t yet paid for the upgrade as it can be cached/buggy.


    Thanks, Hallluke. I thought that the blog link showed up automatically. Here it is: http://ozarkhomesteader.wordpress.com/ I’m using Misty, as I indicated in the subject line. I’ll delete and try starting over.


    It didn’t work. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your directions, because when I did what I thought you recommended, I couldn’t get it to preview at all.


    Perhaps it would help if I ask a different question. What code does Misty use to indicate a header photo?



    It looks like you’ve fixed the problem, I can see a picture of a tomato as the header image.


    I haven’t done the upgrade yet, so you are seeing the current, nonCSS upgrade version. I lose the picture when I go to preview, so somewhere I lost that code when I tried to use CSS.

    I confess to not knowing CSS, but years (and years and years) ago I knew programming, so changing the colors wasn’t hard. I’m baffled about the picture. I so want to learn just enough to be able to keep/change the picture and font colors so I can change seasonally.



    What code are you adding to the CSS edit area? Paste it all here between backticks so I can see. There have been a lot of threads about the CSS preview function not working correctly so that might be part of the issue.


    I was just changing the title colors per these instructions I found here
    “Assuming you want the same color for blog title, post titles, widget titles and widget lists:

    #header h1 a, .posttitle h2 a, li.sidebox h2, li.sidebox a { color: #191970; }”

    and some other colors by searching for “color” and then changing the code after it. I shouldn’t have changed anything else, but since I don’t know what I’m doing, maybe I did.

    (This is why WordPress says don’t bother if you don’t know CSS, isn’t it? I even looked up CSS for Dummies to buy but don’t think it’ll have a quick fix.)


    And thank you for your help!



    It sounds like you copied in the whole of the original CSS code which you should not do! You only need to include the lines of code that you are changing or it will break images. I think this is why your header image disappears.


    Thank you. I was afraid of that. How do I get back the current code in the edit box? I don’t see a way to revert.



    Delete everything in the CSS edit box and select the “add to existing” button underneath, then save your changes. This will get rid of your CSS changes and show the original theme.


    Thank you. I’ll try that!

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