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    Love the Misty Theme – noticed when I first used it the side bar photos were had a cool 3-d shadow effect. When I view my blog they are 2-d and lined in green. Did I do something wrong? How can I fix it?

    Also I notice that when I am logged in my “Dashboard” etc options overlap the top of the blog and over the title. Can that be fixed?


    Yes. Love it. But, there seem to be a few bugs to note. 1. Category fonts are very large when transferring from another theme. 2. My tabs overlap on the header.

    I hope these are soon resolved before one of my buddies pick it up. I love it! I hope we get more like it!



    Staff will need to know browser, browser version, OS and screen resolution to be able to see what you’re talking about. Theme bug reports need to be sent in via feedback as this allows them to be brought to the attention of staff. None of us here have backend access.

    Category fonts should have nothing to do with switching themes as they’re hardcoded into the theme, not in the database.

    The other issues are probably due to screen resolution.


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