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MistyLook Avatar Support for Posts

  1. Does anyone know of a modification of the MistyLook theme by Sadish ( that will show the avatar of the author for every post?

    Thanks for the help, I apologize if this has been asked before, I couldn't find any solutions.


  2. Avatars are not displayed on blog posts. They are only displayed on
    (1) comments made on blogs when signed in
    (2) on tag pages and
    (3) here on posts in the forum.

  3. So it's not possible? That kinda sucks. I was hoping there would be a way.

  4. Pretty much. You can add them in manually of course. The URL remains static even though you may change teh physical image later on.

  5. Yea I was thinking of that, but some of the authors that contribute would find that annoying. Is it a limitation of WordPress or is it something that can be solved with some creative coding?

  6. It's a limitation of the themes we have here at End users have no access to the code as it would be a security risk.

    You can do it fairly easy with regular wordpress from that would be hosted elsewhere and a plugin or coding within the theme,

    Best bet would be to submit the idea as feedback on monday morning.

  7. Thanks guys, I appreciate the quick responses.

  8. You're welcome.

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