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Mistylook - can I hide the child-page field?

  1. Greetings!

    I just recently started setting up a homepage here on WP. Upon upgrading and editing the CSS I came across an issue which I'm curious about however it's possible to resolve or not.

    If you go to to the bottom of this page you'll notice the text saying "This page has the following sub pages.", and then a list of the child-/sub pages.You'll also notice 3 images above forementioned field, all leading to the sub pages listed at the bottom.

    Out of esthetic preferrence I would like to hide/remove the text area, leaving people with the images to click, should they want to browse one of the sub pages.

    I searched the relevant CSS for phrases like sub, page and child, but found nothing which seemed to be related to the field. I also checked the forum, and found that in most themes this or similliar things are not possible, but it felt like a dumb idea not to ask :J

    Any help would be greatly appriciated, even if only to confirm that it cannot be done.

  2. I would like to hide/remove the text area

    you mean the "This page has the following sub pages." part?

  3. oh, I think I get what you mean. You want to remove that part and the list of child pages. right?

  4. Okay, assuming that's what you want, try this code:

    #post-70 .post-info, #post-70 ul {display: none;}

    See if that's what you wanted.

  5. That worked like a charm, and didn't remove other mother-pages' child-page lists. (which is exactly how I want it)

    Thanks for the swift and accurate support, devblog!


  6. Sure thing. Glad it worked.

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