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MistyLook -- I can't find an "about" widget

  1. I'm playing with finding a new template. The sample of MistyLook shows the About 'widget'. I activated it, and I have modified my widgets (no longer just default) but I can't find anything that would provide an About... Is this just a sample showing a personally created Text widget with info created specific for this sample?
    I could reset to the template default and then find out what is showing up ... But I thought I'd find out if this was something I was overlooking.

  2. There is no "About" widget. The default coding for this Misty Look theme and the Regulus theme too takes the profile information from here "Your Profile" and places it in the top of the sidebar. However, the default sidebar About summary disappears as soon as you begin to move widgets and add more.

    If you do not have css editing experience and have not purchased the css upgrade then the solution is to copy and paste all the biographical information from "Your Profile" onto a new About Page that you create -> Write -> Page and then publish it.

    If you have purchased the css upgrade then you will have to wait until someone who is experienced with css gives you a hand with this, as I'm only learning it myself.
    HTH :)

  3. TT - thanks, I suspected that the default item disappeared once I 'tampered'. Just a point to make sure I know that there is no recreating the default look since - If I write a page, then it is a sep page and won't be on the front page, but only available via a tab to that page.

    I continue to hunt for the most perfect template/theme. (Intimidated and Overwhelmed at the thought of trying to learn how to customize!)


  4. Without the css upgrade you can also use a text widget in any theme. Copy and paste the same information into it, title it "About" and put it in the top of the sidebar. Problem solved.

    I continue to hunt for the most perfect template/theme.

    engtech has done theme reviews that you may wish to consult

  5. THANKS for the review site!

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