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    I wanted to do my own links page so I could use the banners some sites have.

    I created the beginning of the page using the detault template and lo! It behaves as if I’ve used the Links template. If I change the tempate to Archive then I get what I should, but it’s annoying that it will use the Links template based on the name of the page rather than me telling it to use the template.

    Full URL is: http://amuncats.wordpress.com/links/

    The blog I need help with is amuncats.wordpress.com.


    It’s the page title. You will have to call it something other than “links” otherwise it defaults to the links page template.



    Grrr…. Isn’t ‘Links’ the obvious one? My creativity gland is run dry right now.

    And that only happens with themes that have a Links template I presume – which most of them don’t.

    Now a [links] shortcode would be useful! Or, come to that, Mistylook paying attention to the template. Links template = display links, any other template = don’t display the links.

    I haven’t tried a page called Links with the Contact template…


    I’m not sure if it happens on other themes with a links template or not, but I do know it happens with Misty.

    How about Favorite Links or My Links?


    The page title can very well be “Links”: it’s the page slug that needs to be anything other than “links”.



    Ah ha! panaghiotisadam has provided the solution! However I’d much rather than there was a links short code that could be used in any template rather than this undocumented feature in Mistylook.

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