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Mistylook not printable -- what gives?

  1. Hi folks,
    Having chosen Mistylook theme for a certain private blog, changed the header pic and generally settled in, I now find three's a serious gotcha: the appearance when printed is rubbishy. This is because the theme includes the mistylook stylesheet with media="screen" setting, thereby leaving no stylesheet for printing.

    Having the CSS upgrade on this blog would make it possible to change that, I realize. However, what I'd like to know is why this obstacle is there in the first place -- does anyone know some background info on this? Could this obstacle just be removed?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there, about a year ago engtech created something for this:

    Does that help you at all?

  3. Hi carocat

    Well that doesn't address my original question since I was asking why Mistylook has a seemingly (to me) arbitrary obstacle for printing due to the media="screen" setting.

    However, the CSS that you point to is certainly interesting, in that it provides a solution to the related problem of removing the header and sidebar when printing. So thanks for pointing it out.

    That said, it obviously requires the CSS upgrade to use. In addition, it won't make Mistylook print well because Mistylook will still be missing the CSS styling for printing for the remaining body.

    -- Graham

  4. FWIW, I've exchanged a few messages on this with Mistylook's creator Sadish on his support forum:

    -- Graham

  5. I'm just a user like you, I can't comment on why themes do/don't do something.

    I was merely attempting to help you find a workaround!

    For everthing else you'll need to contact support.

  6. Hi carocat. Yes I appreciate your jumping in... that was certainly a useful piece of CSS to know about. Thanks for mentioning it!
    -- Graham

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