MistyLook sends my sidebar to the bottom in internet explorer

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    Hi! I just changed my template to MistyLook and in Firefox it looks perfect but some visitors that use IE are telling me that the sidebar doesn´t appear in the rigth, they say that it is in the bottom. Any ideas?
    Thank you for your help.



    It usually is a photo in one of your posts that would now be too wide for the content area of the post that the theme allows. My guess is that it will be a specific post for them. If they find it happening on your main page, ask them to go through each post (by clicking on titles) and see if you can pinpoint the problem post (for them).




    Cure these by clicking on the title of each post until you find the bad post.
    Then edit it to check the formatting.

    ‘Yo, Justo y correcto’ is the post to sort out.

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