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MistyLook - Shadows under pictures missing

  1. My blog:

    I have this theme (on a page, yes) and it looks beautiful. But there are suppose to be shadows under the pictures, but there are none. I see other pages with that theme which has it, viewed with the same browser. I haven't touched the CSS.

    If I change theme, and then preview my blog with the Misty-theme, the shadows are there. But when I activate the theme, it's gone again. It's pretty frustrating, as I'd love to have the shadows to show.

    Why is that, and how can I get it back? I haven't touched the CSS.

    PS! I asked this question to the designer of this theme; Sadish, to which he replied with:
    "This question is best answered at the support forums at . we have no control over what is going on with sites."

  2. Flott bilde av deg der med mage og det hele :-)

    Sorry, I don't know what could be wrong. I checked Misty on one of my blogs and the drop shadow is there after activation. I'm clueless. I see you have the line border on top and to the left, but not the drop shadow...weird.

  3. Tusen takk ^^

    Yes, it's really strange. In the CSS it says (as default):
    .entry img {
    background:url('img/shadow.gif') repeat right bottom;
    border-top:#eee 1px solid;
    border-left:#eee 1px solid;
    padding:4px 10px 10px 4px;

    I would have thought that the image SHOULD be repeted? I tried to change that, without luck.

    Anyone else?

  4. My bad. This it how it's written in the CSS as default:

    .entry img {
    background:url('img/shadow.gif') no-repeat right bottom;
    border-top:#eee 1px solid;
    border-left:#eee 1px solid;
    padding:4px 10px 10px 4px;

  5. It used to be there?

    The shadow is wrapped in the the img-selector, wpvstp. That is why you don't see it.

    I imagine there might be a - hopefully - temporary server issue or something like that. The shadow is an image, and it loads in opera, briefly visible, and then vanishes.. :-S
    It is "not there" in firefox, safari or flock (all for mac).

  6. Thanks boblets, that sounds like a reasonable explanation.

  7. rabbeidalen - If it has been there, my suggestion would be to wait it out for a bit. Don't change the original css for that selector.
    wpvstp - bare hyggelig.

  8. .......and for the curious - here is the image

  9. ...that is why you should not repeat it...

  10. boblets:
    No, the shadow has never shown. But I see the shadow under pictures on other blogs, with the same browser as I use (firefox). That's why I find it all strange.

  11. @rabbeidalen if the shadow has never shown the I would consider
    contacting staff by following this link "Contact Support"

  12. That IS odd. So unless you add anything to the images when sticking them in your posts, teck07 is the sensible one, I think.

  13. No, just doing a normal insert of picture. No magic tricks.

    I think I will follow the supportlink then. Thank you all for you help, very much appreciated!
    Rock on!

  14. I think I know - those images are not hosted here at They are linked from another site. My own experience is that when I link an offsite image, I don't get the image properties from the CSS to show. It only works for those images hosted here. (If you look at my blog, you will see images with a grey border around them that turns red when you hover over the image. If the image is linked from offsite, the border does not show.)

  15. It looks like your CSS Upgrade is causing the issue.

  16. Are you talking to me? What could the CSS upgrade do?

  17. @ rabbeidalen,
    I had a look at your blog and then compared the images to mine .. as far as drop shadows go, your images have them just as mine have them—nothing wrong with yours in fact. The only thing I noticed is that some of your horizontal images exceed the theme's image 500px so the right hand side border and shadow are truncated as a result.

    @ vivianpaige,
    The white borders and shadows are what attracted me to the theme and I've pretty much stayed with it since. It also works when an externally hosted image is linked to the blog post as long as the image is smaller than 500px so I made sure I resized all my images circa 470/480px giving some allowance for the borders.

    Anyone know the CSS to increase the border width around the image?

  18. Interesting - I see the bottom border now.
    I would like to know what rabbeidalen did.
    I don't think you have to fiddle with the image border to increase image size - I think it is the width of the column that decides that.

  19. ......and I'll be guessing it is this one you want to fiddle with first (then comes the column)

    #content-main {
    	float: left;
    	width: 520px;
    	margin-right: 20px;
    	overflow: hidden;
  20. @shimworld - I think I figured out my own problem when linking images. (I have to fill in the box "Link to image" in order to get the border to show.) I see the bottom border on rabbiedalen's images now.

  21. @ boblets—That piece of code, if it was intended for me, had no effect whatsoever when I previewed it.

  22. shimworld - No, that is the original code. You must adjust the width. Then your sidebar might get a little squished - it was just to point in a direction..

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