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    I just joined wordpress and I chose the MistyLook them, I paid for css.. and I’ve made a few changes.. I just need help changing the font of ONE FRIGGIN THING!
    My title..

    I want it to be in Lucinda Handwriting. On my blog it says “Sunshine, Laughter, Love” (my title) and that’s all I want changed. I changed the rest of my font to Helvetica because I didnt like the original.. but I just cant figure out how to change that.

    Any help? I’d be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is solariteallegria.wordpress.com.



    Try adding this to your CSS:

    #header h1 {
          font-family: Lucida Handwriting;

    Although, I’m not sure if that’s the name of the font, and I also think that it’s not one that comes with Windows, which it has to be in order to work. Otherwise, you’ll need to use font-face.

    Reply if you need any more help.



    Otherwise, you’ll need to use font-face.

    font-face is not a valid property and it may get stripped out by the wp software.



    Really? It’s CSS3 – I shall test it out later.



    uhm, no is not (I haven’t seen anything in the specification). Now, if you’re talking about the constructor @font-face, then I am pretty sure it’s going to be stripped out by the wp software, same as the @import constructor is; I may be mistaken, though.



    Just an addition, if you indeed were talking about the @font-face rule, then you’re right, it is CSS3 BUT it currently is in the W3C Working Draft.




    You will shortly be new to the experience of having your spam blog deleted, too.




    Yes, I was talking about the @font-face rule. Sorry I didn’t clarify. :)
    Most browsers don’t support it yet though, including the dreadful IE.



    I believe that @font-face is used by Typekit, which is now available (although not easy to use) with WordPress.com blogs.


    Spam blog? You talking to me?


    Thanks guys for your help, I was doing that.. only idiot me.. I was spelling it Lucinda not Lucida.. lol jackass. I was racking my brain as to why my css wasnt working.. learn to spell Danielle, learn to spell.



    No, there was a spammer in the thread; staff deleted it.


    Oh that’s good, I was going to have to release my inner bitch on you. ;P thanks for clarifying.

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