Mistylook: too many posts in Home page, and resizing of photos

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    I recently noted that my Blog’s home page doesn’t list only 10 posts as it usually did until last week, but now it seems to show ALL my posts, no limits!
    And I can’t find the Reading Settings command any longer.
    What’s happened?

    And more: When a photo comes from an external Url – instead of internal media – it cannot be resizes any longer: only original size in the preview and in the published blog (but in the working draft it seems still possible, though)
    Until last week it perfectly worked.

    Are they only temporary bugs, that will be fixed in short time, or should I resign myself?

    Thank you for your help…

    The blog I need help with is giardinoit.wordpress.com.



    What’s happened is that WP added “infinited scrolling” to the theme you’re using, and messed things up while doing it. You can switch to a theme with footer widgets, or you can set a static page as your front and rely on the Recent Posts and the Categories widgets for navigation.

    If you stick to MistyLook, you can downsize your images by switching the editor to HTML and turning these:
    <img ETC ETC
    to this type of code:
    <img style="width:150px;" ETC ETC



    Images seem correctly downsized, both in the visual editor and in the html window.
    <img class="alignleft" title="myimage" src="http://www.mydomain.it/myimage.jpg" alt="myimage" width="59" height="78" />
    But, when I look at Preview, or in the published posts, they ignore the resizing…

    It happened few days ago, on all posts, new and old.



    Moreover, I noted also a new – very disturbing – feature: if I’m writing a new post, or modifying an old one, it keeps on saving itself!!!! Every 2-3 minutes, by itself. It’s very dangerous.


    @giardinoit: Can you provide me with an example URL where images aren’t being properly downsized for you? More than happy to take a look into this. Cheers.



    Yes, please: you can se directly in homepage: http://giardinoit.wordpress.com/
    the first two posts have the correct size image, because they come from the Media Gallery;
    the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th photo have images coming from a url, therefore larger than set;
    next, again from Media Gallery, therefore correct.

    This is one of the urls where the first photo should be smaller: http://giardinoit.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/momo-design-2/

    Thank you



    @giardinoit – as justpi said above, in the MistyLook theme, resizing images from an external URL broke when infinite scrolling was added to the theme.

    @philiparthurmoore- See also this discussion: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/cant-re-size-pictures?replies=10



    in the MistyLook theme, resizing images from an external URL broke when infinite scrolling was added to the theme

    Glad to see that the minor bug depends on the main bug…
    But when will the infinite scrolling be fixed? It’s very annoying…



    @giardinoit-Infinite scrolling is here to stay. WordPress.com has been adding it to their most popular themes one-by-one and the plan is to roll it out to every theme that supports it. On themes that have a footer widget area, you can add widgets to that area which will “turn off” the infinite scroll. Misty Look is not one of them.

    @philiparthurmoore-if you need another example http://ablogdemo.wordpress.com/2012/03/18/resize-image-from-url/ which is my Private test site and will only be visible to Staff/Support.



    Does it mean that it’s not a bug, but it’s intentional?????
    To have all posts in home page and cannot define the quantity?
    Where is the advantage?



    Search the forum for “infinite scroll” and you will find quite a lot of discussions on the topic.

    This is the discussion that started it all https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/to-infinity?replies=137 and this was further WordPress.com user discussion once the main topic was closed by Staff https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/infinite-scroll-do-we-get-an-opt-out-and-will-this-apply-to-other-themes?replies=166



    @philiparthurmoore – It would be extremely beneficial if staff would post a sticky at the top of the forums explaining infinite scroll, especially as more and more WordPress.com users are finding their way to the forums to find out why their sites are “broken”. TIA



    I could live through the infinite scrolling, and could avoid the no-resize photos putting photos in Media Library; but now I discovered a new horrible feature:
    AUTOSAVE – every 2 minutes!!!!
    Why this new feature?

    And more horrible even: sometimes, if you substitute a photo in an already published post, pay attention: this action may cancel everything else but the new photo, and you’ll look – astonished – at the empty white screen, while the autosave tool will permanently cancel all your work.


    @giardinoit: We’ll work on rolling out a fix for the image resizing on Monday for you and I’ll post an update to this thread. So so so sorry for the headaches.

    @justjennifer: We’ve added a page for Infinite Scroll at http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/features/infinite-scroll/ and plan on announcing the feature pretty soon. There’s a sticky in this forum for IS already so the next step for us will be to announce it. Until then, bookmark the link I’ve posted and keep an eye on it in case you’re curious about which themes we’ve rolled IS out to.

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