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Mixed: Posts v. Page, custom menu and site check

  1. Yesterday, I endeavored to do a major revamp of my blog site. When choosing a new theme, I came across the Twenty Ten them and the new custom menu. I saw that I can now use categories for my menu system. Great. I have question and a concern, though

    1. When I originally created the site, I had created individual static pages for each stories and a static page listing them. It was at a later date, I started just posting my stories and letting the blog do the work of creating a page for each story. Yes, a hybrid or a mix of old wine and a new wine skin. Now, I only have two static pages and the home page. The stories are all posts.

    How will this impact my site's ranking on the search engine? What kind of trouble did I create with my old method and now ended?

    2. Could someone check my site to see if I missed anything? Though I did a lot of work during the day; I also got up around 12 midnight and spent about an hour or so moving my stories located on static pages to blog posts. I'm currently also working on the names of the categories mentioned as menu items.

    Hence the ask for help. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1) Bad. Very bad. Static pages are terrible for search engine juice. But since you're not using them anymore, you're building your googlejuice properly now. You would be well advised to convert those old "posts" which are actually static pages into posts, which unfortunately you have to do by hand and add tags and categories; copy/paste is your only solution. And set the date to be the same as on the static page, rather than today's date, or things will get out of whack.

    2) sorry, I've been up since about this time yesterday and am close to conking out.

  3. Rain,

    I hope when you see this, it'll be the next day and you have had a pleasant dream. If you'll pardon the pun, perhaps the sound of a gentle rainy day will help you sleep. :)

    Okay, those two static pages were my "About" page and "Contact" page. I went ahead and combined the two into one post and placed them in a category so they can appear on the menu. Yes, I deleted the old static pages.

    Love to hear more on this topic.

  4. Well, if those are the only two you had left, those are fine. In fact, those two SHOULD be static pages, because they don't change and you always need them accessible. The SEO of them is negligible, but it's more important to have them always visible from the front of the blog, not lost in the archives somewhere.

    Sorry I wasn't clearer about this.

  5. @raincoaster Okay. I'd already converted those two pages into a single post. It's a simple matter of converting it into 1 static page. 'Side, it looks a lot better with the contact form on the same page as the "About" stuff.

    @timethief: Thanks for the link. Interestingly enough, I am seeing a marked amount of traffics. I'm also noticing things like <u>72</u> and a couple of other numbers where I'd see what page is viewed. What is that? I clicked on the link and go straight to the home page.

  6. I meant for the 72 to be underlined. Oh well.

  7. Off-Topic > Please read this support entry on stats >

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