Mixfoilo themem add pictures/info ASAP!

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    Hi There Does anyone how to do the info section with the pictures on it ? only description I need. I really need it. Thank you The blog I need help with is teenviniworks.wordpress.com.

    The blog I need help with is teenviniworks.wordpress.com.


    I presume you mean the Welcome area. Here’s the showcase page about the Theme you’re using (if it’s the one used by the blog whose URL is posted below your query):


    It has a screenshot that should show you how to do it.


    YES! i am new to this whole thing,blog wordpress, i don’t see where or what section ? anyway. I want my blog to just like the mixfoilo themem has it. As you can see my blog teenviniworks.wordpress.com. on the info section has the picture which i don’t need, i only want the description.



    I’m going to mark this thread to be moved to the Themes forum so that someone who knows more about Mixfolio can help you.

    In the meantime, as you’re very new to WordPress.com, please have a look at this:


    and click the relevant links in the left panel there.






    oops! sorry absurdoldbird and teenviniworks
    multiple threads and I became confused


    @tt – that’s okay, it happens.

    @teenviniworks – I’ve just set the mixfolio theme on my test blog and so here’s how to do the info area (which is called the ‘welcome area’ by the way):

    Go to your dashboard. On the left you’ll see various options. Click on Appearance. Then click on Theme Options. On the theme options page, click the box ‘Display Welcome Area’.

    Below that type the Welcome Area Title (Whatever you want to have appear there as a title above your welcome message).

    Below that type the text of your message (that will appear above the thumbnails on your home page).

    If you want a twitter ID to appear next to your welcome message, put it into the next box.

    Add anything else you want to appear there (but note what I say below about your own security).

    Click the Save Changes button.

    With luck you’ll have what you wanted!

    By the way the picture that you ‘don’t need’ is one of the thumbnails that I presume you want in your blog with others to make it look like the one on the showcase page! It will move down to be below the welcome message when you put the welcome message in.

    For your own security, I would suggest that unless you are running a business in which you need to give your business contact details, that you don’t put anything there that is personal such as address, phone number or your personal email address. You can instead put a contact form on a separate page on your blog in a normal or custom menu.

    If you want to add a contact form and/or a custom menu:



    You can find more information for yourself about nearly anything by doing a search for it here on the forums, on the Support page, or on Google. I would suggest always trying to look for solutions yourself first before asking for help here as it will help you learn to use the site! :)


    thanks so much


    i just want to make sure that I get it right ? I did it and this was the steps.
    the section I need is the info section with out the pictures on it only the description.

    1. edit post
    >> click on of the icon camera with picture on it.
    >> click one of the image on the media section.
    >> click show
    >> click thumbnail, since you mention that.
    >> delete (it’ll asked me like are you sure ?) and click yes.
    >> click save all changes
    >> click update gallery setting
    2. view the page and check make sure that’s right.

    somehow I did it and it took one of my pictures in gallery and info section. I have been doing this for couple days now, and seem got no luck. I might going to change blog now, because I can’t do it.


    At present I have no idea how you’re getting the result you’re getting, so I would suggest that you change to a blog theme that is easier for you to use.

    Also – use the link that I already gave you and do yourself a favour – learn how to use WordPress.com before you do anything else!

    This is the link:


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