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    I might have come across a theme bug (Mixfolio) All author comments for my blog are hidden via the blog posts I also noticed that if I reply by my admin dashboard the comment remains hidden on the post page as well but if I write the comment from the post page it appears. This appears to be affecting all my posts on my blog.

    I have cleared my cookies and browser cache I even restarted Firefox as well with no improvement.
    I also check the blog through chrome and the author comments are hidden as well on chrome.

    Firefox version 13.0.1
    blog url http://dailyapsects.wordpress.com
    Example url of hidden author comments http://dailyaspects.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/embrace-your-calling/comment-page-1/#comment-641
    screenshot url http://i.imgur.com/UbYg9.png

    P.s. my comments display in the dashboard as well the post editor



    It appears that now its affecting all comments. Yesterday I was able to write a comment from the comment field on the post page and my comment would appear today I noticed a reader replied to one of my replies to them and their comment is not appearing.

    I also I logged into a family members account from their computer and left a test comment from the comment field on the post page and once I clicked the button to publish the comment the amount of comments updated but the comment did not appear.

    The url for these new comments are from the same post comment url I provided above.



    The reply above is from my wife’s account



    I’m just saying – Good morning :)



    Hi TT, thanks and I Hope you’re having a bless’d day! :)



    I have chosen to use a different theme until this theme matter is resolved here is a updated screenshot displaying that I should have six comments and only two are displaying that were published prior to Mixfolio being released here on WP.com

    Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/b00HP.png


    Sorry about the annoying bug, gang. All comments in Mixfolio should show up now. There was some bad CSS hanging around that was hiding the comments from view. That’s now been fixed!



    Thank you philiparthurmoore, I appreciate your help.

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