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    hi all! I’m trying to convince Mixfolio to let me say something other than “Recent Work” as the title of the submenu. I’m working in Custom CSS, and I’ve isolated the related block of code; can change its color and size and make it disappear altogether, but I can’t make a

    content:”Something Other Than Recent Work”


    site is on lockdown as it’s for a client, but anyone familiar with Mixfolio should be able to help me with this tweak without looking at my rough draft… if the tweak is possible.

    Thank you, WordPress geniuses!

    SOTA Yoda

    The blog I need help with is testying.wordpress.com.


    I don’t see “Recent Work” at http://testying.wordpress.com/ right now. Please post a direct link to the page you’re working on if you still need help with this.


    Since there haven’t been any replies here, I’m going to mark this as resolved. If you need further help with this issue, please reply and mark your reply as “not resolved” or start a new help request.



    I’m trying to do the same thing. You can simply hide the “Recent Work” block and leave the rest of the menu. Just go into the style.css file and find “.breadcrumb .title {” and add this under it:


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