Mixfolio – set up x2 pages in blog post style?

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    I am using the mixfolio theme and want to use the ‘home’ screen (on my blog it’s called ‘blog’) set up but on a different page in the same way http://blog.gojane.com/ has. See the page ‘lookbooks’ & ‘BFFs’. They are in the same style. When I go to create a new page I don’t seem to have the option for this style.

    The blog I need help with is timothyselvage.wordpress.com.



    The pages you’re referring to aren’t static pages (the kind of page you create in Pages > Add New or edit in Pages > All Pages), they are category pages, i.e. the dynamic pages you automatically get when you select a post category from the Categories widget.
    If you want links to your category pages in your top menu, you don’t create any pages, you file each post under the appropriate category,* you create a custom menu and you add your categories to it. For details on custom menus see this post of mine:

    *At the moment you’ve filed all your posts under the same two categories: this is pointless.


    Excellent news. That’s clever. Thank you – admittedly I’ve been in a bit of a muddle so will give it a try. Thanks once again.



    You’re welcome.
    Many new users find themselves “in a bit of a muddle” when it comes to menu links (because the regular menu of a theme displays links to static pages only, so users often think they need to create pages in order to create menu links).
    My guide to Mixfolio might also be useful to you:

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