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Mixing Photography and Poetry is anyone else?

  1. joseph34rakowski

    Is anyone else?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. joseph34rakowski

    Hope this helps

  3. Hi Joseph as I write this I am listening to your post Cat Stevens music. Love it.
    Your post about the rail car traveler was very cold and powerful. It reminded me of another railway traveler song from another era. 'Journeyman' by Jethro Tull

    Ill go ahead and add you to my blog role for art and artists if youd like? :)

  4. BTW The audio buttons on your posts are really easy to miss. I first read your blog and had no idea there were music links also. You might want to tweak that.

  5. joseph34rakowski

    Hey, thanks man. Yeah, diff add me to your blog roll. I really appreciate your input. How do I tweak the audio thing?

  6. joseph34rakowski

    Hey, Thanks maiden*

  7. I have no idea, but perhaps someone else does. but for example. On the post with the chain around the gate. You say in big letters: the words in the picture are below the picture. That made my eye obey and immediatly look to the bottom of the pic. Skipping over the tiny audio button as if it wasnt there.

    You could ask around in the off topic forum.

  8. dribblingpensioner

    thank you Sara, i will do likewise

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