Mobile Android app freezing and blacking out

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    Mobile Android app freezing and blacking out whenever I click on EDIT under blog posts. This had gone on for two weeks now. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, ran my phone in safe mode and it’s fine so it is an app and ice deleted all apps except WordPress. I have two blog sites on WordPress so please HELP ME NOW!!!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi chellesrawamthoughts,

    Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble. I’m also using the Android version of the app but haven’t bee able to replicate this behaviour. It would be great if you could make a screenshot of the issue and upload it to your Media Library — I just want to see exactly what is happening.

    Mobile Android app freezing and blacking out

    When this happens, are you able to quit the app and continue doing other things on your phone? Or does your phone need to be restarted too?

    It would also be great to know the following:

    • Your Android version (see Settings > About)
    • The device you are using
    • The version number of the app (Me > App Settings > About the App)

    Let’s go from there…


    All it does is go black and the screen pops up saying “WordPress not responding” then gives you three options: 1. Close 2. Wait 3. Feedback
    It does it Everytime.
    Android version 7.1.1
    Moto G4 Play
    I can’t get that info about the app bc it won’t let me.

    Now I do have another blog on WordPress under same email address and it is working fine. It’s just the one you have a look to.

    Oh yes I’m able to quit the app and do other things on my phone.

    Thanks so much!!!


    *you have a link too



    @chellesrawamthoughts, can you let us know which post is giving you trouble? A few of these are pretty long, with lots of pictures, and I’m wondering if it’s just overloading the phone’s capabilities.

    If you edit a shorter post do you do okay?

    Also, I noticed each of your recent posts has quite a few tags and categories on it. If you need all of those for organizing your site, that’s fine, but if you’re looking for more exposure, we actually recommend sticking to just most relevant tags and categories — up to 15 total.


    Ok I can shorten the categories and tags!!! No any post won’t work!



    Hi there,

    I can’t get that info about the app bc it won’t let me.

    So you can’t access the Help section in the app either? Your original description said it only freezes if you try to edit the post. Are you saying it freezes if you try to visit other screens as well?

    Go to Android settings, and tap on Apps. Look for the WordPress app there. What version number is showing for the app on that screen? Please try completely clearing the stored app data on that screen, and then force-quit the app and completely restart your device.

    Then log into the app again. Has that made any difference?

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