Mobile app crashing when uploading pictures

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    I was just using the WP app to upload pictures directly into my blog posts. Initially, I tried to insert them into the post directly, but the pictures neither uploaded nor inserted; the app crashed.

    So I went to the media tab and tried to upload the 5 pictures together. The first one uploaded, but then the app crashed. So I finished uploading them 1 by 1, crash after each one, and inserted the pictures into the post on desktop.

    Just wanted to report this bug so that it can be in your system. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Thanks for sharing that. If you have an iPhone or iPad + Android, you might want to contact them and start a conversation. I have had more experience with iPhone, but if you have iPhone + iPad—you might want to go to the App, and click:

    “Me” at the bottom of your device > Help & Support > Contact us. Then you’ll be able and start a conversation with them. Also, you might want to check for any updates on the phone/device and check if there are any updates available.

    Hope this helped! Please feel free to reply with any questions and we’ll be able to help!


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