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Mobile Posting

  1. What are some of the ways people post to their blogs besides the web interface. I see iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, and mobile website on Typepad.

  2. Have you seen This thread?

    And this is what I got with a search of the forum and FAQ:

  3. I do it constantly, mobile posting.
    I am on a Palm and I use web browser and in the text field I enter the post, and later the tags, the categories I cannot see all of them. But everything else is there.
    There is also dedicated moblogging software availableM but it doesn't know about wordpress tags.
    What do you want to know?
    I am typing this from the palm phone.

  4. Images I have to remote host from photobucket. And photobucket excepts images by email.

  5. An iPhone application is coming soon.

  6. I already said it on my blog, but I hope that continues to improve and develop the existing mobile platform for the rest of us non-iPhone users. My experience posting from my Nokia 6131 was less than happy.

  7. Download Opera browser from your phone browser
    It's nice, really nice for mobiles: almost any nokia that supports xhtml (N95 has issues, though).

  8. Yella's apropos on so many blogging comfortabilies via cell phones. Just make sure that your mobile is JAVA enabled since operamini runs only on java 2.0 based platform. If you have other OS like symbian, UIQ, or Windows Mobile try Opera v8.56 or v9.0 which you can download from site --yes, it's free.

    I'm now blogging with operamini 4.1-international-multicertificates.
    Oh, 1 more thing, you ought to have gprs(global packet radio service)/ edge/ 3G/ wifi connection ON to run the app ;-).

  9. It simply sucks that WordPress doesn't allow posts via email. I've been using Tumblr for the last few weeks precisely because they let me post BOTH text AND photos from my Blackberry!

    But Tumblr is more suited to SHORT posts, and I'd prefer to have just ONE blog.

    But I MUST be able to post from my Blackberry Curve!

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