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    I recently added a few Image widgets to my website and they show up in all previews and in the Desktop version of the website. However, when I access my website on my cell phone, the widgets simply don’t show up, showing the sidebar that should appear AFTER the widgets (according to the preview).

    Would like some help with this. Is it a WP problem or a theme-specific issue?

    Thank you!
    Diogo Costa

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, when I visit your site on my Android phone, I get the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) view with a link to View Full Site at the very bottom, after the image widgets in the left sidebar of your website. You can learn more about AMP here:

    If I click through the link to the View Full Site, I do see the right sidebar after a list of your blog posts, followed by the menu and then the image widgets in the left sidebar.

    Hope that helps.



    Hi there,

    In what preview exactly do you see your widgets in the sidebar? If I view your site in the Customizer and select the mobile preview it shows me your widgets at the bottom. This is how it should be – because mobile screens are much narrower than computer screens, sidebar widgets are moved to the bottom of the page in the mobile view of a site.

    The reason the mobile preview looks different from the actual mobile view is because you have the mobile theme active in your site’s appearance settings, here:

    If you have that theme enabled, mobile devices will see your site at that theme instead of your actual theme. That theme is intended for sites that don’t have themes that adapt automatically to mobile devices. Your theme, Twenty-Fourteen, is fully responsive, though, meaning you don’t need to use the mobile theme at all. I’d recommend you disable that, and then the same theme will be used on mobile as is used on a computer.

    Sidebar widgets will still appear below the content on mobile devices, though. There’s no way to change that.


    Thank you! That worked perfectly! They weren’t showing at all on the mobile view.



    Happy to help :)

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