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    I’ve enabled the mobile version for my theme and until today it was working fine but suddenly today it’s not working. The blog is written in Greek but I’ve never experienced problems with the mobile version before. I’m using the Ari theme.

    If you can suggest a solution, it will be welcome.

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi attackofthequasars, is loading the mobile theme just fine on my end. Can you provide some more details about what isn’t working? Thanks!


    Hi michiecat,

    The blog is written in Greek. All the letters with an accent (the Greek language uses accents in almost every word) do not appear at all. What’s weird is that up until about a week ago this worked perfectly ok – the accents and everything. I’ve checked my dashboard but I can’t see anything I could do from there.

    Thank you!



    Ah, I see the problem. The latest update to the mobile theme changed the font to Open Sans, which might be cause of the problem.

    Just to be clear, I am seeing accents on the letters when I view your site with the mobile theme: Screenshot #1 and Screenshot #2. Is this what you’re seeing, as well? Are there other letters that are missing accents?



    Using the Misty Lake theme. Have turn on mobile but does not show mobile on my Iphone in Chrome. What have I done wrong?


    michiecat, I’m really sorry I haven’t provided a screenshot. I hope I’ll be able to later tonight. But, no, I’m not viewing it as you do. As I see it, all the letters with accents are missing, so the text has gaps.
    Thanks again for the interest and patience.


    michiecat, I changed the theme to “Publish”. Although this theme’s mobile version has the same problem and continues to not show letters with accents, I’ve disabled the mobile theme and now when I see the blog from my phone it shows just fine. I would rather have used the Ari theme, but since this one is working, it’s ok!

    Thank you for your help. :)

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