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Mobile view and functions

  1. I recently adopted the Adelle theme and added the customization, but there is something wrong with the mobile view on my iPad, similar to an issue I had previously with a custom theme on another blog. The whole site appears to be magnified in the iPad Safari browser and the WP bar menus do not work; they do not fully open to either my list of other blogs, nor to my dashboard choices.

    Otherwise, it is very attractive.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Disable the mobile view. It's not required as the theme is a responsive width theme.

    Responsive width means the layout adapts depending on the size of the device being used to view your site. When responsive width themes are viewed on mobiles sidebars appear below the posts in order to provide as much space as possible for reading.

  3. I tried that, and even restarted the device, but it still doesn't work. The same thing happened with the premium Elemin theme that I have on another site. someone fixed it. I'll try to look up that reported issue.

    In addition, it sounds like you are mostly referring to phones, where the mobile view was working fine. It is the strange appearance on the iPad that is the problem.

  4. Here' s link for the latest version of the app

    Here's the link for the iOs forums
    You may want to post here so the developers are aware of the issue >

    If you don't have a username account at, click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the iOs forums.

  5. Here is the link to the forum thread where the same quirky theme view occurred:

  6. Thanks. I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  7. I have the WordPress app, but I would like to be sure other people can view it in a browser, thanks.

    I understand that the first occurrence was solved through the premium themes forums, but the problem is the same for this free theme. are you suggesting that the premium themes work more closely with the developers?

  8. Okay, thx

  9. I'm not seeing the problem myself.

    Here's what I see on an iPad 4:

    And, with one of the menus open:

    Which iPad are you using?

  10. Yes, but you are looking at the wrong menus. Look at the menus in the WP bar. they neither show my list of other sites, nor my options to go to the dashboard. also notice that there is no "new post" link nor stats. This is identical to the problem I had with another site which I have noted above. It's almost list a mock up of my site, but not fully functional. Plus everything is slightly magnified in size.

    Go to one of my other sites to compare the WP bars:

  11. Try not!/cover/

    /#!/cover/ was part of the old discontinued iPad theme.

  12. Darn, I was hoping that was it, but it's still the same. I might add that it doesn't work in the Chrome iPad borwser, either.

    iPad 2

  13. Ok, I think I see what you mean now.

    Adelle seems to be bringing in the iPhone admin bar, or something similar. I'll see what we can do.

  14. I put a couple of comparative screenshots in this blog post:

  15. This appears to have been an intentional decisions by the theme's designer, essentially keeping the displayed options minimal on the smaller screen.

  16. Okay. Not sure why that would make the WP bar thicker or prevent the stats and new post link. Oh, well, it was a free theme. Guess I'll look for something else.

  17. If it matters and anyone is still reading this thread, I switched to the Reddle theme and it still happens on the iPad in Safari, but not to my other sites. I thought maybe it was because I had purchased the customize upgrade, so I transferred that upgrade to another site, but it didn't help, and the other site is still fine.

    It never happened to this site when I used to use Parament, which I had for a long time, so I don't know what I could have possibly done to the site to make it behave this way, with menus that don't work, when they work fine on all my other sites on the iPad.

    As I noted way up on the thread about a premium theme where it happened, the problem was found and fixed, but this must not be a theme problem, as far as I can tell.

    Thanks for thinking about it, anyway.

  18. I connected my iPad to my desktop and accessed the Web Inspector through the Safari developer menu, not that I expected to understand it, but I hoped I might see something about the site. Here's what I saw:

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