Mobile view displays no CSS changes using chunk theme

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    Yesterday I added an ‘indiegogo’ menu item with two drop down menus. I moved ‘prices’ to be under ‘what we offer’. Now I find that on a mobile view I see the ‘leave a comment’ on side bar and the ‘leave a reply’ below my content. And all my widget icons different sizes and scattered and my menu is back to front – please note am viewing this from iphone perspective. Previous to my changes yesterday I was able to see my site as the same as my iPad and laptop with the CSS changes I had made. I tried to change it back (getting rid if indiegogo menu and placing ‘prices’ as a separate menu item) but even when I reverted it I still see on my iPhone the incorrect view. I can’t see what I did different. I’ve also tried setting everything as ‘mobile’ view but that is incorrect too. A using chunk theme. Can someone help me please?

    The blog I need help with is

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