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Mod Look?

  1. One for the mods and key masters:

    Over on the .org forum you have a "modlook" tag which is carefully monitored.

    As the .com forum becomes larger and there's more to try to moderate, would it be an idea to use modlook over here too?

    Just a thought.

  2. Why not - I'll get the feed for that tag and try to remember to check it.

  3. Nice one, cheers mark! It saves TT having to report them every time. :)

  4. Thank you so much Collin for suggesting this and Mark for agreeing. There are times when we bloggers need to blow the *whistle*. :)

  5. this nice idea should be placed in the sticky too for other regulars to take note.

  6. I could have sworn I had mentioned modlook a few months ago...

    Please use it. :)

  7. Greets:

    Just for reference, we had about a dozen threads marked as such in the last few days. Not sure who's doing it but just to clarify, please use the 'modlook' tag when you see someone doing something 'wrong' here in the forums like spamming or attacking someone else or if Mark's talking about his ring again. Please don't use it if you need someone to look at your issue (which is what I think it was being used as) as we do try to get to everybody and I think we do a pretty good job of it around here. :)


  8. @drmike
    Although I have spotted many spammers I have never used a "modlook" tag. Does using it mean that you have sent a feedback or support message to staff? Or does it take the place of sending the message?

  9. If you spot a spammer here in the forum, please add the modlook tag to the thread and let staff or myself deal with the issue.

    The Ajak messed up and Akismet issue threads had modlook tagged to them. They shouldn't have been.

  10. Folks, it's modlook. MOD LOOK, MODLOOK and Hey Drmike please take a look at this don't work. :)

  11. @drmike
    Okay so if I understand you clearly now the "modlook" tag is to be used only
    (1) to duplicate the function of the "report spam" button we already have on the right corner top corner on the front of our blogs;
    (2) or alternatively to duplicate the use of the feedback form in the admin side of our blogs to report spammers or report blogger who make abusive/troll posts.

    If this is the case, then the likelihood I'll ever use the "modlook" tag again is zilch. I am firefox 2 user so I always have multi tabs open to my own blogs. That means I can send sysadmin a feedback to report a troll or I can use the spam button in a thrice.
    I thought the "modlook" tag was what I would add after reporting a spammer or an abusive blogger to sysadmin. I also thought "modlook" could also be used to "flag" a post containing a technical type question that I couldn't answer, as well as, to report spammers and trolls. But now I've got the picture so thanks for your reply.

    P.S. Take note that I have always used "modlook". I have never shouted by using either MOD LOOK, MODLOOK.

  12. modlook just should be used for trolls and spammers in the forums. Right now I'm also using it in an attempt to get staff (Hi Mark!) to notice issues that we can't resolve here in the forums since we don't have the option of feedback or email.

    I don't know about others around here but I usually go through each thread until i hit the last one that I answered the previous time.

  13. And I get the feed and I do check :)

  14. understood :)

  15. Good cuz I just added another one. :)

    After the 2nd, please only use it for the trolls and whatnot. Anything backend or technical, I usually drop a feedback to staff directly.

  16. Yup, I understand :)

  17. OK, one more time again.

    spam = modlook tag

    That's all you need to do. :)

  18. A quick note to everyone about the "modlook" tag. Please just use that tag of "modlook" and nothing more in it. Tagging as "modlook - please move" or something similar is not the same thing as it doesn't show up unless we are also "looking" at that tag as well. Just a simple "modlook" will do!



  19. "modlook" please, not "spam". A tag of "spam" will not get a moderation's attention. Modlook will. :)

  20. Someone's not getting this:

    spam = modlook tag

    'modlook' for spam.

    Had six threads marked as such this morning and none of them were for spam. (And yes, I checked to see if any of them had deleted posts.)

    Don't use it if you're trying to get our attention. I go through all of the threads when I'm here. If I don't answer one, there may be a reason for it like I don't know the answer.

    Come on, guys and gals. You're bloggers. I know you have a brain. :)

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