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    Hello Friends,

    I am really excited about WPMU and have enjoyed working with it. Being said, I have been wanting to make some changes (or i guess add-ons) to the source. Here is what i am looking to do. This may be easier for others, but i am new to WPMU :)

    1. Instead of i was hoping for something like userID=343434 or users/group/name. Could anyone give me some advice on this.

    2. Have restricted areas depending on the sign up. I am wanting to create a high school sports website for my state. So, for example, i would like one high school to be and have all the users from that school in there. They would choose their high school upon registering. It may seem a little facebookish but its more about sports discussion through a blog and not about networking.

    Thanks for any advice in modifying the code.



    If you use MU, you need here:

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