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    Help please! I am being cyber bullied via posts and switched to “moderate all comments” as a precaution, yet when I approve a safe blogger’s comment, their 2nd comment bypasses moderation and goes right through,as if I were on the default setting. How do I remedy this?

    The blog I need help with is


    I apologize if this is the wrong place to put this but I have an eye disease and low vision and can hardly see the help section, which won’t zoom up. Thanks–just trying to protect my blog, which helps others with my disease.


    Have you made sure the second option is unticked and only the first option ticked? Hopefully this will resolve this issue.


    Thanks for replying! I did–switched one for the other and then saw the issue happened. Now I have both checked out of desperation, but haven’t had any double comments come through from people so no way of testing this out! I know there are ppl who moderate every single comment and I am so confused and about to shut-off comments–or the whole blog!
    Thanks again… Wish that were the issue! :-)



    Only check – An administrator must always approve the comment

    Then you see all comments – I moderate all comments on my site and the other sites I Admin – prevents surprises – stops spam cold and once in a while someone puts a personal message in a comment and I can filter them out also

    Remember to save changes (at the bottom of the page)


    Thanks for the reply. This IS what I did, hence the confusion! I only checked that box you wrote in bold–couldn’t recall entire name, sorry–and the 1st comments were all held, but once I approved them, all people approved who re-commented came straight through to my blog. I did save changes and when I went back to check both boxes out of despair, the box you mentioned was still checked, so the save did go into effect. Makes no sense and I’ve been to sites like yours where every time I comment, it’s held. I give up! Thanks. :-)

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