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  1. I don't want to approve the comments on my blog. Thus far, I have to view the comment and then approve. I've searched the forum and there appears to be a link in the dashboard menu for options and then discussion board. I don't see that within my menu, is there another type of WordPress Blog or is this feature controlled by the type of appearance you select? Please assist as I really do like this application. thanks. Dawn.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't want to approve the comments on my blog.

    You can change your settings to eliminate comment moderation completly on this page > Settings > Discussion

    However, I don't recommend doing that because what you will experience is spam being automatically posted in comments.

  3. In the settings option,go to discussion, you can set it up so that anyone can comment without moderation there.

  4. ♫ a duet ♫

  5. panaghiotisadam

    I wouldn't worry about spam comments: very few of them escape Akismet.

  6. @timetheif, woops, it looks .like it. Part of me wishes that this forum would tell me when another person has posted something, that way my comments won't appear so off. :)

  7. panaghiotisadam

    @tbol3: When there are other volunteers around, I usually refresh before hitting Submit.

  8. small caveat: most spam is caught by akismet, but they do seem to be getting more clever.

    I get one or two per day that call me "my friend" and their comments even seem to relate to the post they are commenting on.

    But they include url's that link to insurance sales, real estate, and even one to a plumber!!! or (likely potential) scrapers.

    could be "cooking" is more general than "wordpress tips" so my blog is more vulnerable?

  9. gak!!!
    I loved echoes as a kid…

  10. The way I figure it this occasional overlapping of answers comes with the territory. I'm not the type to sweat the small stuff.

    I know that I cannot type as quickly as other people with two functioning hands can type. But there's no way I'm going to compose and type an answer, then stop and click ctrl C to copy it, and then click refresh, and then watch, and then click submit.

  11. @timethief meh, true. I guess we can just duets than. :)

    @1tess, well, if it makes you feel any better, it's a good day if I got 5 spam comments, it's an amazing day if I got 1 real comment. (I don't get many comments, lol).

  12. @timethief

    I still love echoes. they seem magic…

    I always admire you because it seems you are organized enough to have an index of answers for the usual questions.

    Me? sometimes I know an answer. Other times, no. I try to organize, but it's slow memory for me. Usually I hang back… Don't mean to step on toes…

  13. @tbol3
    Yes, comments are very valuable to me!! I get some contacts and some emails, but don't think I should publish them, hmmm

  14. @tbol3
    Also in my first blogging days, I was thrilled to see spam in my akismet thing-y. I was tempted to go ahead and publish them. You know, just to have some comments. LOL.

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