Moderating an article?

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    I had an email containing a comment on

    but the title/subject of the email was [Travels with My Camera] Please moderate: “THE VIEW FROM THE SHARD – London’s Newest Viewing Attraction.

    What does Please moderate mean and is this a message from Word Press?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s a message from WordPress. It means that comment is held for moderation and you have to approve it or send it to spam or delete it, depending on what you think of it when you look at it. It could be held because it uses banned words, because Akismet thinks it might be spam, or because it contains too many links.



    Many thanks for this reply which clears up the mystery. It’s a normal comment as far as I’m concerned so no problem there. Maybe because for once the dread word “awesome” was omitted. Thanks again.

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