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Moderating Comments

  1. I'd like to moderate every comment before it shows up on my blog. Is there a way of doing that? I checked the Options page and found an option that makes everyone log on before commenting, but I don't want to be giving access to my admin to anyone.

    Is there a way of receiving comments by e-mail or some other way and then deciding whether I want to allow them to be displayed?


  2. After you click Option, then click Discussion. There you'll see this:

    And then click which ones you want. Then click Update Option at the bottom.

  3. Thank you very much!

  4. When someone makes a comment on my blog where do I then go to moderate, accept or reject the comment? How do I actually moderate it?


  5. Go to your Dashboard. Then click Manage. Than click Awaiting Moderation. Right now mine says (0). But if there's any in there, just click the Awating Moderation button. Then from there, click if you want it approved or deleted.

    Also check the Akismet Spam section. I think if someone puts more than two links in a comment, it gets sent there thinking it's spam. Just keep an eye on that part once in a while.

  6. Again...thank you so much. You've been a great help.


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