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Moderating Pinterest "Pin It" Text

  1. I've searched the forum and can't seem to find the answer to my question: is there any way to moderate the default text linked to a "Pin It" button on my blog?

    That is, when someone clicks the Pinterest button, it automatically displays the photo name in the text box instead of, say, the title of the blog entry. Is there any way to change that? I thought about changing the photo name, but if there are multiple pictures on an entry, that might get complicated.

  2. Hi Jessica - There isn't any setting to change that. When you use the Pinterest sharing button on a post, it opens up all images in that post, with the titles below them, so you can select which to pin, and there's typically a pin for the post itself as well that shows the author Gravatar. But there's no way to control which field the text is pulled from.

  3. Actually there is, I figured it out by myself last night, ha. You just have to manually edit each picture (re: the alternative text) while in post mode. But thanks anyway!

  4. Hi Jessica - Ah, the alt text controls it? That's great to know, thank you for writing back!

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