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    Not sure if this is the right place to ask (if not I’d be happy if somecould could point me into the right direction, thanks!), but might it be possible to add yet another type of editor/moderator that can only access and manage comments but not blog entries, pages and the like?

    The problem with my and many of my friends’ blogs is that we do get a lot of derailing, hate or even threatening comments. We have already set comments to be always approved first, so others don’t have to see that sh*t… but actually we don’t want to see that neither, at least not the person who the hate is directed at (usually the author).

    So we thought about managing each others comments, because that would give each of us it least some personal distance to them – however, granting another person “editor” rights is a bit too much for some of us. Therefore, we’d really like to have an option to enable “comment moderators” and were wondering if this could be a possible feature in the near future?

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    Oh please please please.

    This would be an incredibly useful self-help tool. More than that. In many cases, it would very probably enable persons to continue blogging who otherwise would give up because of the continuous harassment.

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