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moderators please delete a support topic

  1. Threads are never deleted, unless they are a serious risk to someone's privacy.

  2. and you can't edit a post or reply either?

  3. You can't edit it but you can reply just as long as the topic is not closed.

  4. Why do you want it removed? Is there a specific reason?

  5. Easiest way to make it go away is to stop drawing attention to it.

  6. @notawoodpecker there are at least 15 unanswered threads below. Perhaps you could concentrate on some of them instead of leaving inane remarks on threads that have been answered.

  7. If you've any security or any other concerns about the threads you created you can tag them as modlook and depict what to to with the thread. i-e close it or remove it. If moderators or staff think that that thread should be deleted then they delete it.
    Posting another thread asking to remove the previous one is not a good idea.

  8. @thegiddygoat
    Review it

    edited by Tess to add:

    Though action may need to be taken at times by those with the privileges to do so, these forums represent a community. Each person has as much of a right to be here as you do.

  9. @townerboy

    Also from the code of conduct:

    Always be aware that you are posting to a public forum, and that forum topics may be deleted only if they represent a valid security or personal safety concern.

    Because the question referred to does not appear to have either a security risk or a concern for personal safety, there is no valid reason to delete it.

  10. @hsnaifi no i don't need to review it thanks. I said nothing in this thread that goes against the code of conduct. And as for the "Each person has as much of a right to be here as you do" i think you will find that i suggested that notawoodpecker actually help answer the 15 problems left waiting (and increasing) instead of answering with a comment of no real value, to something that had been answered. If that is against the code of conduct then throw me out..

  11. @thegiddygoat
    I agree with you. There are pages of unanswered questions that were posted long before the threads on the front page. Anyone who truly wants to help can access them and provide answers rather than throwaway comments and/or remarks.

  12. @thegiddygoat

    I added the note to Hsnaifi's thread. Now I'll note that everyone should

    please keep comments on the topics at hand and not on other members of the community.

    No one likes to be marked as a spammer.

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