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    Does this place have any moderators? There has been lots of talking and people are wondering WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR BLOGS in the “Blog stats???” message chain. Are you going to leave everyone just wondering or would it finally be possible to have an answer?

    Also I just was denied access to my own account (because the password wasn’t correct, yeah right…)and couldn’t even get another to my mail because I DON’T EXIST. :o)

    I was able to see my blog’s FIRST PAGE (nothing more) with everything else from the sidebar missing but meta and archives if I remember right.

    What an amusement park we have here! I’m sorry to be so strict but it’s kinda nasty to think that one day I’d lose everything from the blog.



    I doubt it’s lost.

    I was having all sorts of trouble. Then I deleted all my cookies. That seemed to make the situation even worse, and like you, I couldn’t log in. But now, a few minutes later, it seems to have calmed down. My stats are back. I haven’t had to log back in since I managed to get back in, and even the editor is back to wysiwyg.

    I suggest:
    Delete as much of your ‘private data’ including cookies as you can bear to do.
    Make a cup of tea.
    Try again.



    There is, in point of fact, only one ‘moderator’, and all he has power over is the forum, not your blogs. There are three or four ‘key masters’, and they are the only ones with ANY knowledge of or access to technical stuff like this; the rest of us are just users like the rest of you. As you can imagine, ‘key masters’ are mostly way too busy with said technical stuff to spend much time here.

    Communication with users has always been an issue for the wordpress project because their tech people are also their PR people, and fixing stuff always takes priority over telling people what’s being fixed and how long it will take. You’ll get used to it.



    thanks guys for explaining…. I have to apologize my “burst out” but even tho it’s a free of charge service for us, it still is a _service_ and the people here are kinda “customers” and it’s so frustrating when people just wonder what happens and no one gives any kind of answer. So, I’m sorry I got so… well, frustrated! :OD

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