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    Hi there,

    I’ve spent so much time on this forum, thanks to all of the volunteers who have been so kind to answer questions and spread the wisdom!

    I’ve now come to a point where I have not been able to find answers to some questions, so here goes:

    I am using Oxygen theme, my blog is :

    – I would like to remove or mask the breadcrumbs/ post summary below the thumbnail in ‘recent articles’

    – I would also like to make take the page as wide as possible, extending the widgets into the left/right margins to give it a bit more breathing room.

    I would greatly appreciate your help!

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is


    Not being able to see your site, I’m working off the demo site, so this is sort of an educated guess. This gets rid of the summaries in the home page in recent articles, but leaves the images, the post titles and the date and “by” meta data. If I’ve misunderstood what you are wanting, please let me know.

    .home .entry-summary {
    display: none;

    The “maximum” page width for the overall container in Oxygen is set at 940px. That is to accommodate people still using 1024px wide monitors, and there are still a pretty good number of people with those widths. If you go much wider than 990px, some of the right sidebar will be hidden from those people and they will have to scroll horizontally to see all of what is in the right sidebar.

    Also, the top post slider width cannot be widened since it is set in the theme PHP script files, and we cannot edit those files. That means if you widen the width of the page, the post slider will be narrower than the page width. I’ve also found no way to widen the post thumbnails under recent articles. Again that seems to have been set in the PHP script files.



    I have exactly the opposite problem.
    I woul like to hide the photo, not the text!



    The gray featured image box in Oxygen will remain there until you upload a featured image into the posts.



    As you have a CSS Upgrade then see here to remove it. > n



    Thank you! It worked. I asked also on how removing the tags (of images) that now are written on my text!


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