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    Hi, I’ve got some feedback on the layout of my blog and the main issue seems to be the size of the regular posts (which most people found too small). The width of the sticky posts is better and I was wondering if there is a way to change the regular post widths to match that of the stickies. The image seems to be the main problem and only gets scaled badly. Is there a way around it?

    Also, what are the drawbacks of making all posts sticky, if chronology is not of importance? I read the WP recommendations against making all posts sticky and was wondering what the issues could be.

    Thanks for any help and suggestions.

    The blog I need help with is



    a) The width of regular posts can easily be changed but the width of the featured images cannot: it’s PHP, not CSS, so if you use CSS to change the displayed width you don’t get a real larger version, you get a blown up (i.e. pixellated) version of the default image.
    The only way around this is to remove the featured images and insert images manually via the Excerpt module.

    b) Stickies work on the main posts page only, so, since you provide navigation by category, turning all your posts to stickies wouldn’t help.



    Thank you. That makes it clear.

    I would like to try changing the width of images through Excerpt. Presently, the images that are showing as thumbnails seem to be automatically placed there as I have only defined them in the body of the post. How do I remove this? Also when I try the following in the Excerpts box I don’t get placement above the text, (probably because the thumbnail is still there?). See here).

    <img src="" alt="Priolkar" width="350" height="248" class="alignleft size-sticky wp-image-1491" />

    As you will see, I am using ‘class=”alignleft size-sticky’ to make it the same size. Does this mean that I can only use pre-defined tags (like ‘medium’, ‘full’ etc) to size the images?

    Thanks again for your help!



    Okay, I tried a few things and managed to get the intended layout for the posts through Excerpts, but not sure if this is okay:

    I put both the featured image and the [h2] book title to [display: none].

    Then I copied the title to the excerpt and added an tag linking the page to the image and the title.

    I created a separate span tag for the excerpt title to match the properties of the [h2] book-title.

    Does any of this affect the set up adversely? Thanks for any suggestions you may have.



    Re your first new post:

    1. “alignleft” is pointless when the image is full-width.
    “size-sticky” doesn’t exist in the original coding of the theme. You can make it meaningful, if you add CSS for it in the CSS editor, but you don’t need a custom class to target those images.

    2. You can size images in various ways. But first, something else:
    The placeholder for the sticky featured image is 350×248 while your originals are 546×400: that’s not the same aspect ratio. When the theme inserts a featured image, it scales down the original and it also crops it to make it fit. When you use image code like the one you used, you downsize the image but you don’t crop it, you distort it.
    Since you have the upgrade, you write just this in the Excerpt module:
    <img src="" alt="Priolkar" />
    and you add this in the CSS editor:

    .grid img {
    width: 350px;

    This will produce 350×256 (for 546×400 originals). If you want 350×248, the files you upload need to be 546×387.



    Re your second new post, all these seem to be ok. A couple of minor points:
    1. To remove the grid titles, better use “.grid h2” instead of plain “h2”.
    2. Instead of span tags I would use h3 tags (without a custom class) then restyle “.grid h3”.

    First, I don’t think it’s worth going into all this trouble for each and every post, just because some visitors find the posts “too small”.
    Second, I think the posts on grid pages must be small, so that you display more posts in less space. Grid pages display teasers: for the full thing, you click to go to the single post view.



    Thanks, yes I think I’m beginning to fuss over things unnecessarily! I’ll stick with the earlier 4-column structure.

    I tried a 3-column halfway-house solution, but it’s just complicating things for myself!

    Thanks a lot again!

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