Modifying Calendar Widget to make it an Events Widget

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    My goal is (I think) simple: Post a sidebar calendar of our upcoming events so the public may view it.

    I’ve created and added a Google Calendar to our site as suggested since WP does not currently have any form of Events widget. However, Google is having its own issues and does not currently allow “public” view of full details on their calendars. This defeats the purpose. (I’ve contact Google Cal support separately since their own FAQs for Google Calendars indicate there should be an option for public view of full details even though there is not. But, no response yet.)

    Even if that issue is resolved on Google’s end, there is no way that I know of to directly link a Google Calendars entry with any related blog posts or other event features (perhaps a photo of a guest speaker) other than adding an unwieldy URL into the Google Calendar entry’s full details which, again, the general public wouldn’t be able to view anyway due to the Google issues noted above.

    So, long story short, could WP develop what I hope would be a relatively simple workaround which would give WP users direct access to an Events Widget rather than having to rely on an apparently unreliable 3rd party source?

    Could the existing Calendar Widget be modified to allow the option of listing only posts from one Category (say, an “Events” category) and have those posts also link to future dates on the Calendar?

    That would make it a Events Widget and allow a WP user to write a post about a future event including as many details and features as the user likes (including images, links to maps, etc) and have this info simultaneously shown on the site as posts and as hotlinked dates on a sidebar calendar linking back to those same posts.

    Very elegant, comprehensive solution and resolves several issues that the 3rd party Google Calendar cannot currently handle.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    I think us that this is exactly the gizmo [sorry for the technical terminology] that I need. It is a chronological listing of events organized by date, time,, venue, and the full description. Events can be put on ID administrator or any other party, past events are automatically deleted, and future events automatically organized by date and time. This is the calendar that I would want to use on my site, and I saw it first at

    I wrote to the webmaster for information on it to no avail. If this is what you also are looking for, we have proof that it exists…



    You cannot modify the functionality of the widgets here at If you want an events widget, use a Google Calendar. It can be placed in a page, a post or in a text widget. Do know though that if you put it in a text widget, because of the sidebar size, the events will not show up (too small to list). For that I would recommend a page instead where you can adjust the size so that the events will show up.


    My answer is a little off now that I read the original post again, but I think there is a way to have the details public, but it has been a while since I did it, and I know it was difficult to get the option to show up at Google where it was supposed to show up.

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