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Modifying Meta-data Once Published

  1. Last night I published my first article at <;.
    I now notice that it is:
    a. unhelpfully categorized as uncategorized rather than something like commentary or musing or even public policy,
    b. lacks tags for the key words or topic for each paragraph
    - viz. Adelaide, Trams, Bicycle Lanes, Freeways, Roundabouts, Traffic Lights, UPS, Politicians,
    c. does not highlight the above words to assist scan readers,
    d. shows an abstract image rather than the photo I put in my profile, and
    e. features a panoramic photo that, while beautiful, has no relationship to my topic - I'd rather the Adelaide skyline or view from space.
    How can I retrospectively tweak these look-and-feel or indexing aspects that do not change narrative content itself?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. a Why don't you Edit it and add a category. The category box is on the right and if you haven't used any categories before, you have to type one in. You can have up to about 12 tags and/or categories on a single post, but just try to keep it relevant.

    b Tags are added in similar manner, below the post in the Edit box. They apply to the POST and not to the paragraph.

    c No, doesn't do that. That would look awfully 1997. Google will do that if someone comes to your blog searching for a specific term.

    d Where? Avatars take several hours to propagate across the web, up to one day. It's recommended to upload yours right at

    e Upload your own custom header under Appearance->Themes-.Custom Header on your dashboard.

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