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    Please can you transfer the traffic data from my old site
    to my new site

    Thank you.

    Richard Windle

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,

    Assuming you have connected your standalone site to via Jetpack, I’ve gone ahead and tagged this thread for Staff assistance. Thanks for your patience while they get back to you.


    Hi Richard,

    Sure, this is something I can help you with. Transferring stats will only work perfectly if the post IDs on both sites match. Your post IDs don’t match, which means a single post will end up as two or more different posts on your Stats page (they cannot be combined into one entry unless the IDs are the same).

    I can transfer your stats to but they may not match up perfectly. However, the overall site-wide traffic numbers will be the same.

    This action cannot be undone so please let me know if you are happy to proceed.



    Hi there..

    Thank you.

    Please go ahead.



    Hi Richard,

    Thanks — the stats have been transferred over and you should now be able to see the combined traffic from both sites on your Stats page.

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