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  1. Just wondering: Sometimes I post a preliminary answer to thread and may want to get back to it after a few hours (or even days) later to see if the additional info I asked for has been submitted.

    I just pondered that adding something like a deltalook tag might help to find it again. Also such personalized tags would come handy for the likes of you fellow volunteers to pass specific questions to the most knowledgeable.

    But before I start something like that I'd like your feedback, of course.

    A drawback I already considered is that we can't delete other people's tags or our own tags on closed topics. So resolved topics may still be listed under that tag. If a deltalook tag were in use I'd be fine with that.

  2. BTW: For boblets' pleasure I kept the title descriptive ;-)

  3. I've already noticed that not all tags show up in the forum taglist, though.

  4. :-D sweet.
    I wouldn't have a problem with "deltalook"-tag and such. In fact, I'd probably use your tags to see what's up.
    Anyone else?

  5. rain, I'd prefer them not to. I just need to construct the url like that:

    I can even subscribe to a feed of entries in topics tagged deltalook. Methinks that's quite handy to keep track of open questions.

    To keep the lists clean and crisp I think about asking staff to add a new user role for trusted volunteers that allows to mess with tags.

  6. I wouldn't use it, frankly. I fear people would start tag spamming just to annoy me. Can't tell you the number of penguin blogs I've been added to as a user without my permission.

  7. That's my biggest concern too. Also I think, you're around so much that you don't quite need it.

  8. I'm around plenty, but I hate the implication that I come when I'm called, like a dog. I would so totally ignore that, as I am currently ignoring a couple of "@raincoaster" posts in the forum.

  9. there is a couple of you guys like delta, it would be nice to find do to your extensive code knowledge.

    Presuming Raincoaster is still gonna be hangin in the forums.. i know she'll find people who needs her help.

    However, deltafoxtrot, if you decide to answer a tag, specifically for deep code knowledge.

    I'd be happy to put up occasionally if i see someone who might need your help in the forums.

  10. theres a couple volunteers who will come out to play, if you tag LaTex. because of their specialized knowledge.

  11. There is a feed for each thread, a feed for each forum as well as feeds for each tag.
    That could work?

    But yes you probably would get people adding your tag just to annoy.

  12. I started tagging threads with deltalook. Let's see.

  13. And I subscribed to:

    Apart from that I'm following the CSS tag via RSS

  14. @deltafoxtrot-maybe I'm missing something (don't go there), but as far as getting back to specific threads, why not just favorite the thread you're interested in or look at the threads under your member name? That's helped me out a couple dozen times.

  15. That's absolutely true. But take this example: If you think that I'm the best person to answer a question you can tag it to me. There are drawbacks I already acknowledged. I'm still experimenting.

  16. Ah (lightbulb going on), but I do agree with everything said above about the problems with tagging a thread with a username. Maybe a tag more to do with the specific problem, like the LaTex tag Chris mentioned above.

  17. a scenerio:
    Its a saturday afternoon, not many volunteers in the forum. Someone has tricky xml problem, and I can't figure it out.
    I flash the batman spotlight( wasn't it the Bat beacon?) by adding the extra delta-tag. of course I would still make sure "Xml" is a tag.
    I think if some of the regular volunteers want to subscribe to their own tag, its not a bad idea as long as it is used sparingly. And its understood that a volunteer could just ignore it.
    no expectation, just a tag for a little extra help.

  18. one little prob, deltafoxtrot....
    you, yourself would not be able to remove the tag.
    only the tagger or moderators can.

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