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Mods/Staff and Forum Police

  1. In a recent thread that went off topic the question came up about volunteers "policing" other volunteers, particularly those who have been around for a while.

    This is something that has been on my mind for some time and the main reason I don't bother to answer many queries in this forum any more. I spent quite a number of years in the area of senior tech support so do know a thing or two on this topic. And generally I've got a pretty thick skin if someone gets their back up about something. All us old Usenet users do.It's when the shots start coming from behind you that you start to feel it just ain't worth it, especially when you too are a volunteer.

    Clearly volunteers, even the ones who like to adopt the police uniform once in a while, are generous, knowledgeable and caring people. They give a great deal of their time and expertise to mentor others. And this deserves recognition. And I do recognize it.

    What started that thread was a discussion of use of modlook tag but what drifted it off topic was a building over-reaction to staff not doing what some thought they should (they likely have policies to follow which we are not privy to), with the resulting frustration and volunteers rapping staff and other volunteers on these issues, essentially playing cop.

    Tellyworth made a very apt reply in the above-mentioned thread:But the purpose of the forum is to answer questions, not to punish people for asking the wrong ones.

    I would add to that not to punish people for answering the wrong ones either.

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