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    Hello..I did a forum search on this issue and couldn’t find anything that applied specifically, so apologies if I missed it.

    I have been playing around with the Modularity Light theme for my blog today having previously used Monochrome, and I almost have my blog how I want it, except the sidebar which features my search bar, subscription button, previous posts etc is taking up too much space on my blog. I added the sidebar as my blog looked very disorganised and user unfriendly without it, but I want it to take up about half the space that it does on my blog, as having it is making some of the images on my blog smaller than I want them, or just cropping images where they shouldn’t be cropped.

    Is there is simple CSS code I can use that will increase the size of my main blog column and decrease the size of the sidebar? Basically I just want to give my main blog column more space.

    Any help appreciated, I have zero knowledge of CSS. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    We need a link to the blog please.


    Oh whoops, sorry

    blog link –


    The following reduces the sidebar to 170px (was 310px) and adds 140px to the main content column (now 730px wide).

    .span-15 {
        width: 730px;
    .span-8 {
        width: 170px;

    On the CSS edit page, in the “video and image width” field below the main text area, increase the value by 140 so that it will give you full-width images.


    Oh my gosh…I would have never figured that out! Thank you so much, its perfect.


    You are welcome.

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