Modularity Lite & IE8

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    Hi folks,
    I switched from Chaos Theory to Modularity Lite when the new theme rolled out and still seem to be discovering new things about it. So that’s a lot of fun.

    What is not so funny is something a friend reported to me.He is working with IE8, the last version, and seems to be getting a crazy distortion of the photos when he opens my blog. It happens on his desktop as well as his laptop. I have screenshots of what happens if someone can provide me with a mail address. We puzzled over it for a while and putting the blog in compatibility mode (IE7) in IE8 seemed to solve the problem. But the next day suddenly the tabs at the top had moved and created a second row. So there seems to be an issue with IE8…? I am strictly a Firefox person and the IE I still do have has not been updated. In the version 7 everything looks fine. It was only after receiving his screenshots that I could understand what he meant.

    Has anybody else been reporting a similar problem? Is there something that can be done about it?

    Thanks and grts

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Nil,
    Thanks for the report.

    You can post the screenshots online somewhere (Skitch, your site, Dropbox) and share the URL here for us.

    Or you can respond to the email I just sent you and attach them there.

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