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    I have a blog called and I am making the custom background. I test it fine on my laptop and it’s fullscreen size, yet when I test it on another laptop the background is small and centered.
    I am using the theme Modularity Lite
    my uploaded background is sized 1500X705! but it is appearing as a small centered box! Why? please help I would really appreciate it.

    The blog I need help with is



    Howdy! I’m unable to reproduce this on the modern browsers I tested.

    Can you give more information about the laptop that’s not displaying the background correctly? Operating system, browser and browser version, please. Thanks!



    Hello; thankyou for replying. So you saw the background prrfectly? As in big full screened and not as a small centered picture?
    I am working on firefox and it works very fine. Yet when i tested it on google chrome, the background did not show as a big pic. Its on my same laptop.

    So i tried on another laptop on chrome with same specs and it also gave me the same problem. Why? I tried all possibilities but none work!



    The picture looked large to me in all operating system/browser variations I tried.

    I need a bit more information to continue troubleshooting. Can you tell me what operating system and browser version(s) you’re using? For example, “Windows 7 with Chrome 25 and Firefox 15.”

    Also, could you post a screenshot of the problem? Thanks!



    I work on windows 7
    Chrome Version 24.0.1312.52 m
    Firefox 18
    they are both up to date
    please see the screenshot of both browsers display. I want my website to look like the firefox version in all browsers..not like it’s appearing in chrome



    This is what I see in Windows 7 with the same version of Chrome:

    It also looks this way when I test it with Chrome at browserling.

    You might try the following browser troubleshooting tips. Also, disable any add-ons or extensions you might have running in Chrome. Give that a shot and let us know if you have any luck!



    oh then if it’s working with you then it must be my browser’s cookies or chache..eventhough I empties them and the problem is still there. Maybe it’s in the network and will work once it refreshes.. So it’s ok

    but one more thing, the welcome image is elongated to the right when you view it? how come it works fine on my browser and yours no?



    It looks as though the original image file might be corrupt — it appears skewed and cut off in all browsers. I would try re-uploading and re-inserting the image and see if that fixes it?



    It’s been two weeks with no response. I’m closing this for now.

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