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Modularity Lite Firefox Issue

  1. I use Modularity Lite, and it's great. Except in Firefox. (Of all browsers!) I have activated my sidebar, but the widgets place themselves at the bottom. Why is that? How do yo fix it? (It works fine in Safari.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I use a Firefox 3.6.6 browser and I can't see what you see. What I see is widgets in the sidebar where I expect to find them.

  3. In my Firefox (3.6.6) it is shown at the bottom, but when I open up my page in safari, it's right where it should be. Any tips as to what I can do? Can it be something with my preferences?

  4. I was having the same issue and google directed me to this thread. I confirm, widgets placed in the sidebar appear at the bottom of the page (though above the footnotes, which are correctly placed) in Firefox, leaving the sidebar blank. The page displays correctly in Internet Explorer.

    Advice would be appreciated.

  5. Some screenshots, in case they help explain.

    Bottom of the blog, as seen in firefox:

    Top of the blog as seen in Internet Explorer:

    Widget Settings in both:

  6. Volunteers cannot apply technical fixes. Only Staff have backend access to blogs. I suggest you report your problem to them >

  7. Wow that was a fast reply....

    Thank you very much.

  8. You're welcome. :)

  9. Holy ****, down to 1 minute response time!

    Support contacted, will report findings here.

  10. ampersandlondon

    I am having the exact same problem - it's VERY annoying. I have activated the sidebar and placed widgets in it, but they all just appear in the 'footer' space instead with Firefox...this needs to be fixed asap. Do you have any news Hardinsalvor? Should I contact WordPress support myself too? Penny

  11. @ampersandlondon, I don't think this is a wordpress issue. I've looked at your blog, and at hardinsalvor's blog in Firefox 3.6.6 and both of your sidebars are where they should be, to the right of the content.

    I don't know what to tell you. Contact staff as Timethief suggested above. Perhaps they can reproduce the issue. I certainly cannot.

  12. I also cannot get the sidebar to work in Modularity Lite, both Safari and Firefox place the sidebar widgets at the bottom, above the footer widgets. Anyone figure this out? I really love the theme, because it's supposed to be customizable, but there are a few things I would really like in the sidebar and not at the bottom of the page. Frustrating!

  13. @renakatinas
    Please post the URL for the blog you are having this issue with starting with the http:// prefix

  14. Wow! You guys are FAST!

  15. I noticed by accident, the issue is only on the first page, for both Safari and Firefox, once I go to the second page of posts (older posts) the sidebar shows up without problem. It's a head scratcher to be sure.

  16. Just to be double sure please confirm that this setting is enabled.
    Go to settings > Writing and select “ ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “Save Changes.”

    If you have copied and pasted text or images from elsewhere into your posts then sidebars falling and displaying under the posts is typically caused by an open HTML tag in one of your posts. It's created by copying and pasting text without using the appropriate icons either 5 ( Paste as Plain Text ) or ( Paste from Word) in Row 2 of the Visual editor to strip extraneous code and insert the remainder into a post. It can also be a result of importing text contained invalid HTML.

    If you have copied and pasted any text then starting with your latest post, open it in the editor, make one minor change such as adding a space and then deleting it, and then click “Update Post.” Check your blog and see if it is back to normal. If not, open the next post and do the same thing until it goes back to normal.

    If you haven't then we have come to the point where all you can do is contact Staff for help

  17. @timethief Yes! Thank you SO much! Surprisingly, it was a post with only a photo that I had used Posterous to upload to WP. I found an easy way to find the problem post: while viewing your blog, look at each post individually instead of the default of 10 or 15 posts per page (so that it is the only post on the page.) The sidebar worked on every post EXCEPT for the problem one, which the widgets looked absolutely crazy, cluing me in to the "bad post."

    I have had strange formatting problems with other themes before this, and grudgingly kept going back to the one I've been using for a couple years (Redoable Lite) because it was the only one that seemed to lay out correctly. I'm betting now it wasn't the themes but a hinky post here and there (probably those I used Posterous to upload the images from.)

    Thanks again, you're a lifesaver!

  18. @renakatinas
    Yay! I was just getting ready to log out for the night and this was such good news. I bet you are right about the hinky post problem. Best wishes for happy blogging. G'night. :)

  19. I checked all the blogs I could find referenced in this thread using Firefox 3.6.6 on a Mac and I was able to see the sidebar working properly for each one I checked. Timetheif's suggestion to check html is a good idea.

    Also, do you guys happen to have any Firefox add-ons installed which could be interfering?

    Btw, @renakatinas I totally love the images on your blog. Especially the Palmer Square one. :)

  20. I checked the box for xhtml correction and the problem has been resolved. Thanks again to timethief and designsimply.

  21. @hardinsalvor
    YAY! That's such good news. Happy blogging. :)

  22. misanthropicleprechaun

    Hello. I am having the EXACT same problem. Here is my blog setup. I've disabled everything trying to get it back to the basics so the sidebar will show up on the side.

    Categories and Calendar are in the sidebar. The other widgets are in the various footers.

    I have tried timethief's fix to no avail.

  23. misanthropicleprechaun

  24. Just letting everyone know.
    I Viewed the blogs with Firefox 4.0b2 and the sidebars where in there correct place...

  25. misanthropicleprechaun

    sorry, here is the correct link:

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