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Modularity Lite - Hide page titles

  1. Hello!

    I have been making som changes to the Modularity Lite theme - with valuable help from the forum, thanks! - and new challenges appear.

    I would like to hide the page titles. (Would like to keep the blog titles though!) At first I set them to white on white background, but that isn't really a good solution. And for some reason the title still shows on one of the pages (the one called "Under construction"). I searched the forums and found some codes that seem to have worked for someone else, but not for me. Maybe because it's a different theme?

    When the page titles hopefully disappears, I hope the top of the post will be aligned with the top of the side widget. If not, I would also be grateful for a code that lets me adjust the top point of the side widget.

    As always grateful for any help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. (The page "Under Construction" is now changed to "Hjem")

  3. This will get rid of it.

    .span-24 h2 {
    display: none;
  4. Thanks a lot!
    That got rid of it on the main page (hjem), which is really great, but not on the other pages. If you mouse over it you will se that there is a white title there, not aligned with the rest of the text. (I have used indent on it in the page editor). If it is possible I would like to do either:

    1. Get rid of the headlines on all pages, (but not the blog titles)
    2. Align the headlines with the indent text, and get the top of the content aligned with the top of the side column (widgets).

    Is this possible?

    Is this possible?

  5. Hehe, I only meant to ask once!

  6. Ah, I didn't see that. The following will do it, but until you add some content to the blank pages, once you enter this, the sidebar is going to move to the left side of the page because there is no content there to keep it to the right (it's set as float:left; ).

    .content h2 a, .content h2 {
    display: none;
  7. Wonderful! Thank you so much!

    Then there is actually one last thing I would like to fix. If you have the time! for instance look at the blog now, you'll see that the title and the borders both to the left and to the right goes further out to the sides than the header image and main text.

    Is there any way to make it more aligned?

  8. Oh, and when I added a test comment the side widget fell down to the bottom. What can I do about that?

  9. A comment where exactly?

  10. These changes will take care of the alignment issues with the navigation and the title/tagline.

    #top {
    width: 990px;

    #masthead span.description {
    padding: 0.35em 0;

  11. Here:

    I also just noticed that the blog titles disappeared as well. Is there any way to keep them but not the page titles? Sorry for adding so many questions, they do appear as I keep going. But I think this is the last!

  12. On this post, , the sidebar is where it should be in Safari and Firefox.

  13. Oops, my bad on the titles. Change what I gave you to this.

    .page .content h2 a, .page .content h2 {
    display: none;
  14. Strange, it's in it's right place in Google Chrome too. seems it only falls down in IE. I had the same problem in another blog a while ago, and it just suddenly got back in place after a few days. Hope the same thing happens here, then!

    The blog titles are back, great!

    The alignment codes did not make any difference at all, very strange. Maybe I've done something wrong, but I tried a couple of times.

    Maybe I have to write in different values?

  15. I'm not sure how much you did as far as widening or modifying the main elements of the blog through CSS, so I don't know if this is perhaps a base Modularity LIte issue or not.

    What version of IE?

    I don't see the change in width to #top nor do I see the other change.

  16. The values are fine. I did the work using Firebug live on your blog and see the changes right now. I forgot the backticks the first time around, so try the below. Copy and paste at the bottom of your CSS.

    #top {
    width: 990px;
    #masthead span.description {
    padding: 0.35em 0;
  17. I have now saved with this code at the bottom but I still see no difference. Weird.

  18. Force refresh your browser. I'm seeing the change live right now.

  19. I have refreshed both IE, Firefox & Chrome. The top alignment is there, which is great, but the blog titles and the borders are still not vertically straight aligned with the main content
    Is it in your browser?

  20. Yes, both in Safari and Firefox. Last night I helped a forum volunteer with a CSS change to her blog, and it took about ten minutes before the change showed up for me, and it took overnight for the change to show up for her. I'm not sure if this is possibly a caching issue at an invisible proxy server at ISP's or what.

    Last thing to try, log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and then take another look.

  21. This is just a suggestion, but I would go back to settings > general and enter "umea4ever" as your blog title. Having just "blog" as the title is not search engine friendly and can adversely affect your search engine ranking.

  22. I logged out, cleared the browser etc, but still can't see it. But i trust you, and I guess the changes will appear in a while.

    I also followed your advice on the blog title, much better!

    Thank you so much again for your time and amazing help. I really appreciate it. Using WordPress to set up pages would definately be a lot more difficult and limited without your help!

  23. Thanks and you are welcome. Take a look at things later and the changes should be showing.

    If you do not want the blog title showing to the left of your tagline at the top of the page, add the following to your CSS.

    #masthead h4 a {
    display: none;
  24. Thanks! Yes, I don't want it showing to left of the tagline. I guess I'm not explaining it correctly in English. I saved this code in the css, but cannot see that that changed either. Hopefully I will in a little while!

  25. When I think about it, the titles are not really to the left, but I have used indent to keep the text from appearing to far out at the edges (when I edited the post). So I would really like the titles to appear at the same place.

  26. Your english is fine, better than many whose first language is english.

    I just checked and the title is gone on my computer, so the changes will show up for you. It just might take a few hours or so.

  27. Wow, that's nice to hear!

    Great, looking forward to seeing the changes. Thank you so much!

  28. Hello & sorry to bother you again!
    The blog titles are still further to the left than the main content. I think maybe we had a misunderstanding? Is there maybe a way to make the blog titles and everything else (borders etc) get a margin that is aligned with the U in the header? Thanks again!

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